Installation of video soundtracks  / Eisuke oooka

Preordering album which recorded sound source of video installation from 2013 to 2018.
MIX with the concept of the soundtrack that listens to music independent of vision.Myth elements, silence like body regression. Home centers, warehouse, elevator, radio sharp noise, museums field recordings, such as, Experiment sound library work different from the work of until now.

1 Under water 6:19
2 Prologue 3:24
3 Moksha 11:06
4 Blood color 8:37
5 YOMEIRI 6:24
6 Dusk Of The Museum 15:41
7 Material Market 3:42
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                                            Day-To-Day operations  /  EISUKE OOOKA

Among the day-to-day work to be repeated. Focus on calm rest and unchanged natural landscape.

Among the daily anguish that does not change, life and music living with beautiful nature.
Three songs are newly mastering from the 3rd album "Road of the sun". The other, the two songs and unreleased tracks Download and re-release mini album CD with 5 songs including guitar drones released in 2017.
1 Extensive Forest Ver.2 4:19
2 Day-To-Day Operations 5:31
3 Particles 6:02
4 Museum Ver.2 5:50
5 Sand Step (Dawn Tone Guitar Ver.2) 5:28 

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Road of the sun

                                 "Road Of The Sun" Eisuke oooka  19$

After 2 years silence since the 2nd album"Underground storage gallery"which is used for the Special Exhibition of  Dai-Senguu (the ceremony of reconstruction of the shrine),Eisuke Oooka,who gives the performance of visual arts and improvisation guitar sound,will release his 3rd album"Road Of The Sun" in October 29, 2014.
The theme of this album is  the"Layline"(Median tectonic line )the route of ancient Japanese sacred places  and "journey""drive" he express Japanese landscape which changes the color by seasons with his unforgettable sound.Chaotic over dubbing sounds and reverses created by experimental acoustic instruments and voice,loops of sound materials recorded in the studio,edited down tempo with his sentiental long tone guitar produce purified ambient sound piece. As a guest artists,Hidekazu Wakabayashi takes part in "Evening cicada"by poetry created in the residency in Izu peninsula,Ray Nakazawa,a organizer of Artist collective of improvisation"Orbitallink",recorded the sound of her journey on her Paris/Berlin dance tour and also participated by poetry on "Road Of the Sun""Terminal station (Elevator in Paris)" ,Misa Shimomura,improvisation pianist in Berlin dedicated a poetry to her new life "Walking along all the way".This album is ready to take with you for the journey to be true yourself.

Eisuke oooka
composer, Guitar, synthesizer, drums, singing, chorus, editing, recording,  mix, mastering

Ray Nakazawa (Contemporary dancer)
Voice & poetry / Field Recording in Pari & Berlin
(Road of the sun/Taminal station)
Hidekazu Wakabayashi (Musician)
Voice & poetry / Field Recording in Izu peninsula Japan 
(Evening cicada)
Misa Shimomura & Kokoro from Berlin (Pianist)
Voice & poetry 
(Walking along all the way)
Natuki Noda   CD cover design and photos

CD album "Road of the sun" 19 $

Ⓟ&©2014 All rights reserved  oversoul sound studio co it'd
Oversoul Sound Studio
Made in Japan
Road of the sun / Eisuke oooka

1 Evening cicada                                  (4:48)
2 Road of the sun ( Ley Line )              (5:28)
3 Museum                                           (5:52)
4 World of children without end            (1:17)
5 Terminal station (Elevator in Paris)     (6:13)
6 Return to the source                         (6:50)
7 Times (U-Bahn Berlin)                        (5:32)
8 Extensive forest                                (4:24)
9 World without end                             (5:24)
10 Walking along all the way (R42)       (6:25)
11Sand step                                         (5:21)

Underground Storage Gallery

                                  [Underground Storage Gallery]  Eisuke oooka 17$

「Wave of sound coming snuggle "The world aesthetic scenic, which was spun out in the bosom of the sea and the forest. Forget from time to time. Clear the flies blue everywhere, landscape invisible emerges clearly in mind
(Video and audio writer / artist) Akira Kasuga.
Three years, second solo CD will be released in the summer of 2012 from the "Noah's Ark Noah` s Ark "Eisuke Oooka solo ambient to work, improvisation and sound art.Ambient experimental work using the guitar from the work of national and international collaboration musician, artist, and photographer. Work deeply enjoy the sound of a little less than 10 minutes from the sound one minute. Track all 13 tracks such as "life sketch" "Underground Storage Gallery" "Auto çoncert" "Holy god of the sun".# 2 winning Tower Records JAZZ (New Age / Healing) Sales Ranking."To display the image of the" landscape of faith-standing -Yakumo "Exhibition" Izumo "Large Special Exhibition -Izumo Taisha -large Sengu 1300 Kojiki is Underground Storage Gallery" at the Kyoto National Museum - September 9, July 28, 2012 adopted. Amazon Tower Records released nationwide July 31, 2012.

CD album "Underground storage gallery" 17 $

り添ってくる音の波動はどこまでも青く透明。時が経つのを忘れるうち、見えない風景が心にはっきりと浮かび上がってくる。森と海に抱かれて紡ぎ出され た風光明媚で耽美的な世界」春日聡(美術家/映像・音響作家) アンビエント、即興、サウンドアートで活動する大岡英介のソロ「Noah`s Ark・ノアの箱船」から3年、2012年夏にセカンドソロCDが発売となる。国内外の音楽家、美術家、写真家とのコラボ作品からギターを使用した実験的 なアンビエント作品。1分弱のサウンドから10分ほどのサウンドを深く味わえる作品
収録曲は「life sketch」「 Underground Storage Gallery」「Auto çoncert」「Holy god of the sun」など全13曲。
タワーレコードJAZZ(New Age / Healing)セールスランキング2位獲得。
2012年7月28日〜9月9日京都国立博物館にて古事記1300年・出雲大社大遷宮特別展覧会「大出雲展」「八雲たつ~信仰の風景」の映像展示に「Underground Storage Gallery」が採用。2012年7月31日 アマゾン・タワレコ全国発売。 

Vapor & Polvo Vol III by  Organic Acoustic Netlabel  Free download

Immediate download of 10-track album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
Joined to deep ambient omnibus from Organic Acoustic Netlabel of Chile. This is the "Aoto Concert Organic Acoustic mix" short version from the CD will be released in July of 31 [Underground Storage Gallery]. It is also nice other artists.
Please listen while I cool off hot water in the evening of the rainy season in Japan.

チリのOrganic Acoustic Netlabelから[Vapor & Polvo Vol III] のアンビエントオムニバスに参加しました。是非、無料なのでプレイリストに加えてください。2012年7月31日に発売となるセカンドCD[Underground Storage Gallery]の中から
「Aoto Concert Organic Acoustic mix」ショートバージョンです。

[Vapor & Polvo Vol III]
mp3 preview ---- Play List :
01. Eisuke oooka - Auto Concert
02. Caterpillars Dressed - Alleviation
03. Afiardo Uzbazur 345 - The Oldfields
04. Mystified - La brea
05. Javierito Toro - Permafrost Excerpts
06. Tomas Tello - Teqsimuyu
07. Substak(Kostas Staikos ) - Extraño o Raro
08. Getzel(Héctor Ortiz ) - Se Pasea el Recuerdo
09. Atrio Serenade - #19 (Ilusion)
10. Andrey Nubiferous - Winter ....
Free download

Extensive forest

Extensive forest by  Eisuke oooka (大岡英介)
Extensive forest

Japan has said the Forest Aokigahara forest at the foot of Mt. People will not go back and get lost compass will not work correctly.Jukai invite the dead. But I I think the holy place. Why there is a gate that connects the other world and reality.
                              Kira /  Full Color Emotion     Free download 

This Audio Visual Compilation is dedicated
to my good friend David Kira . .
Thank you for all your support brother . .
released 28 October 2012

To collaborate this audio visual compilation with artists from Japan, was something I was really happy to do after the successful release of Olivia's mini EP through Twisted Tree Line recordings, Hidekazu Wakabayashi | Olivia . From the album Chloe Ebinezar .

A special thank you to all artists involved :

Hidekazu Wakabayashi -
Toshihisa Yamada -
Eisuke Oooka -
Kobayashi & Miyazaki ( Yuco ) -
Mika Ishii -
Waki -
Shintaro Aoki -
Rintaro Iwashita -
Kento Nishimatsu -


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